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About Our Medical Testing Lab in Coconut Creek, FL

Clear Results was founded by Eric J. Lullove, DPM PA, with the mission of providing accurate and fast results for medical testing. We specialize in COVID-19 testing, as well as drug testing and flu vaccines at our lab and office in Coconut Creek, FL. Dr. Lullove has become known for his specialties of podiatry and wound management and has founded Clear Results to respond to the ongoing needs of patients and employers in Palm Beach and Broward Counties. We’re here to keep you safe and informed whether you’re an employer, employee or patient needs medical testing.

Business people during COVID-19

Services, Scheduling, & Payments

We provide medical testing with fast and accurate results, so you can get back to work or regain your peace of mind. In addition to flu shots and the COVID-19 vaccine (if available), we also offer occupational drug testing and pre-employment testing. Clear Results offers multiple COVID-19 tests, including molecular PCR, rapid PCR, and rapid antibody testing. Contact us to schedule your testing appointment or to learn more about payment options.

Office Safety Protocols & Procedures

Clear Results takes every precaution to keep our patients and staff members safe. Our office remains open during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis because one of the primary services we provide is COVID-19 testing.

  • Our office is comprehensively wiped down with antimicrobial medical-grade wipes twice a day. We wipe the office down once after the morning appointments and again at the end of the day.
  • All patients are temporarily screened upon entering the office in the waiting room. Patients will be sent home as a precaution if their temperature exceeds 99.5°F.
  • We ask that all patients use the hand sanitizers in each room prior to leaving the rooms. We also ask that you use the soap in bathrooms to do a full hand washing prior to exiting the bathroom facilities.
  • There will be no double-booking during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • All instruments used will be either sitting cold-sterile for a minimum of 20 minutes or will be opened in front of patients in sterile packs.
  • Please do not come into the office if you think you are sick, have respiratory problems such as a consistent dry cough, or have a temperature greater than 100°F. The office will contact your primary care physician to arrange for a COVID-19 test.

Get the Test Results You Need Fast